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    Increase Profitability, Delight your Customers, Reduce Ambiguity by smooth Inter-Departmental Collaboration leading to high Customer Retention

    • Quick Decision Making
    • Agile Teams
    • Reduce Traveling Costs Lower Carbon Footprint and contribute to a greener planet

    EZ Packages

    Small Meeting Room

    Small Meeting Rooms

    4-8 Seaters Video Conferencing Room
    Medium Meeting Room

    Medium Meeting Rooms

    8-14 Seaters Video Conferencing Room
    Large Meeting Room

    Large Meeting Rooms

    14-24 Seaters Video Conferencing Room

    About EZ (EASY)


    Welcome to EZ Allwave AV – your go-to hub for state-of-the-art audiovisual and unified collaboration solution packages.

    With over 23+ years of experience, our company is based in Fort area, Mumbai. We have successfully executed and delivered more than 1800 projects to over 500 clients across India.

    At EZ Allwave AV, we specialize in providing user-friendly video collaboration and webcasting solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of any room size and a wide range of applications.

    About EZ(Easy)

    Quantum Leap Lite

    All in One – Video Conferencing Camera

    Quantum Leap Lite

    The Quantum Leap Lite is an all-in-one video conferencing bar with high-quality microphones, powerful speakers, a high-definition camera, and advanced digital signal processing (DSP) for enhanced communication and collaboration in professional settings.

    The product features:

    • Built-in omnidirectional microphones for clear audio
    • Integrated speakers for immersive sound
    • 1080p Full HD camera with wide view and zoom
    • Advanced DSP technology for optimized audio and video performance

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