The EZ packages have been carefully thought of using the conditions used for many SMEs & corporates. The room sizes that can be considered are between 6 seats to 20-seater conference rooms, and for webcasting, it can cover an sq. ft area of approximately 400 sq. ft.
All our equipment runs on 230 watts of standard power, we recommended a UPS though it is not compulsory. We also recommended a high-speed internet cable to run the Video Conferencing application (above 100 Mbps is recommended).
Yes, The EZ packages are available offline if you require any customization or want to know more about any other accessories that could be added you can either fill out our form or send us an email at and we will respond within 48 hours.
Our warehouse is located in south Mumbai. We thoroughly test all the equipment before shipping them from our warehouse located at Lower Parel, Mumbai. Our projects team will be in touch with you within 48 hours of the order being placed and will ensure the end users commissioning and user acceptance testing as well across India.
The products carry a standard 2 years warranty post commissioning, additional year warranties can be purchased at 8.5 percent on the package cost annually.
We have a Network operating center at Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, where we respond to emails, phone calls, and WhatsApp messages within 4 hours, and in most cases, within a few minutes.
You receive either a Zoom or a Team license for a one-year period, after which you must renew at the current rate that the Zooms and Teams advertise to the end users.
We are a Full stack AV and integration company, and our legacies are built around the Custom\Be spoke applications (Visit us at to know more). The EZ packages are a simplified way to enable small and standard meeting space.