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Phoenix Smart Spider (MT503)

A smart table-top beamforming speakerphone to turn any room into a  professionally sounding conference room for high-quality audio.

Quantum 4k 444 PTZ Camera

A professional webcam with powerful zoom, great sensitivity, and image quality up to 4K which makes it ideal for large meeting and conference halls.

Advance Cable Cubby

Furniture-mountable enclosures ideal for boardrooms, classrooms, and large training centers that require numerous, dispersed tabletop cable connections.

Klik Stik

Transform any TV, Display, or Projector into a Wireless Presentation system with KLIK STIK

Kaptivo Live

Digitize, save and share whiteboard content digitally with your teams/students. Brainstorming, planning, and teaching become efficient with this easy-to-use whiteboard solution.

Quantum Leap Lite

All-In-One easy-to-install Soft Codec Conferencing System integrates an inbuilt camera, codec, speaker & microphones into a single device.