Native & Non-Native Solutions

Native Solution

  Native video conferencing solutions are those that are pre-installed or built into a specific device or platform. Typically, these solutions are created by the operating system provider or device manufacturer.


Zoom on Zoom Rooms:

Zoom offers a native experience on its dedicated hardware, such as Zoom Rooms for meeting rooms.

FaceTime on Apple Devices:

FaceTime is a built-in video conferencing app for Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Native Solution
Native Solution

Microsoft Teams on Windows:

Because it is developed by Microsoft, the creator of the Windows operating system, Microsoft Teams is frequently considered native on Windows devices.


Non-Native Solution

Non-native video conferencing solutions are third-party applications or platforms that are not built into an operating system or device. These applications must be downloaded and installed separately by users.



Easy to use Video conferencing platform widely used across various devices and operating systems.

Google Meets: 

Google's video conferencing solution accessible on various platforms, not limited to Android.  

Cisco WebEx: 

A cross-platform video conferencing solution best for business communication.

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