Small Size Meeting Rooms

Ideal for Rooms upto 8 seater

Poly Studio X50 video bar
Medium Size Meeting Rooms

Ideal for Rooms between 8 to 12 seater

Large Size Meeting

Ideal for Rooms greater than 12 seats but less than 20 seats

poly studio x70
Unified Collaboration trends for 2024

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Explore package solution from a range of manufacturers for different types and sizes of rooms.


Unified Collaboration Trends 2024

Our Design Philosophy

Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR), Zoom Rooms, Google Meet Rooms and other platforms have become popular ways of collaborating, communicating, webcasting and getting the message across - whether it is a one-on-one, informal or formal board meeting. Our EZ (Easy) bundles will help organisations of all sizes and applications to full fill their needs of having world-class Microsoft meetings, Zoom meetings for small and large spaces. Applications such as webcasting and knowledge capture sessions for senior management are also possible with some of the more advanced packages. Want to know how we could help your organisation become more productive through well designed rooms?

How we work?

The A-Team that's proven and a process that's scalable. All with a personalized touch.